Eco-Socialism: Human rights must be limited in favor of nature. Because socialism is the only system in which that can be accomplished, such a system is called "eco-socialism".


Capitalism is infected with blood, hate and environmental pollution. Communism causes extreme lack of freedom, uncertainty, supression and poverty.In contrast, eco-socialism brings love, friendship, freedom, prosperity, a beautiful, healthy Nature and honorable people. Green capitalism can not exist. Eco-socialism is the only hope for saving the future.   





Eco-socialism has mild socialist foundations. It advocates a democratic, ecological, international socialism. Sociologically, there is a contradiction between capitalism and ecology. Eco-socialism is the antidote to eco-capitalist approaches like those represented, for example, by Paul Hawken. William Morris, Paul Robien, Rainer Trampert, Thomas Ebermannsdorf, Ditfurth, Manfred Zieran and sociologist Akin Tekin, are considered to be eco-socialist leaders. The followıng paragraphs summarize Akin Tekin's concept of eco-socialism as he presents it in his books "The Ownerless Planet" and "Checkpoint Charlie".



The professor must have thought about what I had said to him the whole night through, because on the next day he said:

“Erol, this eco-socialist idea has occupied my thinking a great deal. Please tell me, my friend, everything that you imagine.”

“In capitalism, there is blood, hate, and environmental pollution. In eco-socialism, in contrast, there is love, friendship, and a beautiful, healthy natural world and honorable people. What I am discussing is the sociological aspect of eco-socialism. The economic parts have to be worked out by professors of economy, like you. There has to be an end to the human capitalistic weakness, Heinz, with the drama, the deception! It is high time that our planet is no longer ruled by thankless seeming-politicians chosen directly by the people, but rather by scholars and philosophers protective of nature, namely by really dauntless eco-socialists. The old-fashioned, classic, primitive democracies in the world must finally step down and cede their position to systems that are in alignment not only with the people but also with all of nature, with the motto “fewer, but more honorable and future-aware people, who effect a recovery for Mother Nature.”

“How do you imagine your eco-socialist parliament, Erol?”

“I would welcome a parliament with representatives of the people numbering 25%, representatives of animals also 25%, and representatives of plants at 25%, with the remaining 25% being representatives of the natural resources of the earth, such as the atmosphere, the rivers, the oceans, etc.

I would also welcome this parliament’s passing legislation to limit the growth of the world’s population.

I would welcome our planet’s setting aside 25% in reorganized green space for the people, laid out in ecological areas surrounding the cities; setting aside 25% for animals in special areas built for their protection; setting aside 25% for plants in nature preserves; and reserving the remaining 25% for the oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc., as natural resources for the earth. If such a universal green democracy could be set up by an eco-socialist regime, our planet would look very different. It would be transformed into a green space decorated with beautiful flowers, enhanced by chirping birds, and enriched by fresh air. In this dream-world, employers would greet their employees in front of the workplace. Young people would already be recruited during their training. Older people would be embraced respectfully as seniors, and with caresses, accompanied to their last journey. Young criminals would be transformed into courageous guardians of the environment. Because of the joys of such a life, drugs and alcohol would be unnecessary and ineffective. Thus an advanced level of culture in the world would result, full of love for people and nature. Thus reports about wars and hostilities between people would disappear from the pages of the history books. The people’s craving for material things would be suppressed by their interest in art, science, and culture. Each person would be engaged in social-, cultural-, and environmental protection-related activities so that they no longer felt alone and without purpose. And the most wonderful thing of all would be that Mother Nature, recovering, would embrace us, as described in a song by the Turkish poet Asik Veysel:

    “Mother Nature greets me with roses.”

“Hail eco-socialism, which is the hope of the future, Heinz!”

The professor’s face twisted in pain, his heart contracted. But from under the beard of the man who was lying there came the words that quickened my heart:

“When I get out of here, Erol, I’m going to look for followers for eco-socialism.”