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23. September 2013

von Akin Tekin und Kemal Tekin

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The Duel at Checkpoint Charlie (The Ownerless Planet Book 2) (English Edition)

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Book Description

 19 Sept. 2013
This novel is the story of the legendary boxer, eco-socialist Erol Atila, who in 1999 was killed by the blow of a ship's crane during a Greenpeace exercise against Japanese whalers in the Pacific Ocean and, as he had envisioned in his youth, sank in the Pacific's deep water. This is his hopeless love story between the communist and capitalist Germanies. This is the story of the battle of eco-socialism against both capitalism and communism. Young Erol clashes with nature's enemies in the Marmaris Forest in Turkey. He subsequently travels to Germany to study. In Kreuzberg, Berlin he befriends his neighbor, Peter, a retiree who was formerly a boxer. With his encouragement, Erol once again enters the ring in Berlin and attains new success. But his achievements don't bring happiness. Thus, he goes to the German Democratic Republic (communist Germany) where he discovers what the people there have done with the Utopia of Karl Marx. Erol also gets his wings clipped when he falls in love with Angela, a comely resident of the GDR. Because of his hopeless love for her, he fiinally agrees to smuggle her and their unborn son to West Berlin. At Checkpoint Charlie he is shot at, beaten like a rabid dog, and sentenced to life imprisonment. But Angela manages to escape to West Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, Erol is free and searches for his son, eventually returning to Turkey. He still dreams of a system that is centered on aligning itself with the balance of nature and that respects all other forms of life.


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The Duel at Checkpoint Charlie: The Tears of the Blue Planet