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     German author Akin Tekin, was born ın Gurun, Turkey in 1944 and immigrated to Germany when he was a student. Although he studied sociology and literature, his greatest interest today concerns environmental issues which, at this time, pose a threat to both our survival as a species and our planet. The author worked in Germany for several years as a sociologist for the federal government helping foreign immigrants and their families in all legal and social matters. He wrote his first book, "The Ownerless Planet", while in Germany. He is fluent ın Turkish, German and English and is the first environmental author of Turkey. He is a German citizen, a supporter of Greenpeace.

     His newest book, "The Duel at Checkpoint Charlie", depicts life in the Cold War era of divided Berlin after World War II when those who wanted to cross to West Berlin risked their lives to do so. Included are vivid descriptions of both Turkey and the former German Democratic Republic, as well as a love story you are not likely to forget.

He won the Grand Prize  of  Yosemite  Film  Festival / US Screenplay Competition 2017 with his screenplay"The Deep Voice of  the Universe"



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